Have you abdicated your conservative values?
By Morris L. Clopton, 5 May 2009

 Have you abdicated your conservative values?  Do you kneel at the foot of the throne of liberalism?

 Do really want the United States government in control of our automobile industry?  Have you considered what it means to have the President of the United States as the chief car salesperson instead of the Commander and Chief of our military forces? President Obama stated directly that he is “going to cut Wall Street in half”.  That is ridiculous when our free enterprise system used its wealth and power to elect President Obama. It is extremely important that you recall your history and demand that capitalism continue to abound in the United States.

 Your conservative values are under assault when the government passes laws describing your fundamental beliefs as hate crimes.  The law will make it unlawful for your pastor to preach truths from the bible concerning specific sins.  You must stand up for what you believe and act as one of “we the people”.  Write, telephone, fax, or email your local, state, and US congressional representative and senators tell them what you stand for and demand that each one of them represent your views with their vote.  A smarter man than me made the following statement:
“To reach a port we must sail, sometimes
with the wind, and sometimes against it.
But we must not drift or lie at anchor.”

Do not set at anchor, it is imperative that conservative individuals act on their beliefs.  The value system established upon truth, honest, integrity, individual rights, state rights, are ours only as long as we demand them.  We allow extreme liberalism to seep into our mindset seductively and covertly through absolute untruths and assaults against our constitutional rights.  The media is determined to undermine every facet of our fundamental conservative beliefs by supporting government control of each minute of our lives.

To stand up for conservative values opens you up to labels as a “terrorist, uneducated redneck, and militiaman.  The reality however is that conservative values encourage more education, taking a stand on upholding the Constitution of the United States, and the Declaration of Independence with a fierce independence of will.


Take note of what one of our greatest presidents had to say about separation of powers in government.
The End of Federalism

Addressing Congress on the State of the Union, President Ronald Reagan told the American people in 1982:

“Our citizens feel they’ve lost control of even the most basic decisions made about the essential services of government, such as schools, welfare, roads, and even garbage collection. And they’re right. A maze of interlocking jurisdictions and levels of government confronts average citizens in trying to solve even the simplest of problems. They don’t know where to turn for answers, who to hold accountable, who to praise, who to blame, who to vote for or against. The main reason for this is the overpowering growth of Federal grants-in-aid programs during the past few decades.”


The costs of the loss of federalism to the American people are real. As Reagan outlined above, federal aid to states blurs the lines of government accountability, making it easy for politicians to sneak in government-growing legislation and hard for voters to hold those politicians accountable. Moreover, as states become more dependent on federal funding, they begin to lose their ability to set priorities and make policy decisions that are best-suited to their specific needs. Finally, sending money to Washington, only so that it can later come back to the states, creates a fiscal detour of inefficiency and inequity.first inaugural address: “All of us need to be reminded that the Federal Government did not create the States; the States created the Federal Government.”

A Leviathan-sized federal government able to dictate state policies through power of the purse is not what the Founders had in mind. As Reagan said in his

Look at what our present government is doing in economic intervention:
ommenting on the White House’s Chicago-style negotiations with Chrysler’s creditors, The Atlantic’s Megan McArdle writes:

[W]hen did it become the government’s job to intervene in the bankruptcy process to move junior creditors who belong to favored political constituencies to the front of the line? … these people lent money under a given set of rules, and now the government wants to intervene in our extremely well-functioning (and generous) bankruptcy regime solely in order to save a favored Democratic interest group.

President Obama has a cabinet made up of Who’s Who in the realm of questionable honesty and integrity. Individuals who have made a mockery of conservative values and seek to disavow any rights you may have as a citizen of the United States under the Constitution.  This is just the appointed cabinet members.  President Obama’s kitchen cabinet is an elite group of individuals consisting of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, and Franklin D. Raines.  These individuals are on record as stating their goals to destroy conservatives.
Do not abdicate your conservative values!



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